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Protect what matters most at every age with Life Insurance

While many adults in Saskatchewan invest in life insurance, these numbers plummet when we look at younger generations––many of whom are starting to have families and purchase homes. In addition, many Canadians report that choosing the right policy with the right premium is the most challenging pa...

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Have fun with healthy eating

A healthy diet can go a long way in illness prevention and quality of life, but demonizing foods and restricting diets isn’t the answer. Stigma and societal beauty standards are still highly present in many conversations about nutrition and diet culture. This article looks at the factors that can...

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Investing in Saskatchewan Communities

At Saskatchewan Blue Cross, supporting our local community is who we are. We invest in charitable organizations that empower individuals and communities on their journey to whole health. We've been busy over the summer getting back out into the community and are looking forward to a busy fall! A...

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Explore Northern Saskatchewan this summer! Get started with a few of our favourite spots to visit.

Northern Saskatchewan is an incredible place to visit. With vast boreal forests, freshwater lakes, and sand dunes, you will be left in awe of the province's natural beauty. An area so large and remote can be hard to visit, so we have created a guide to help you explore! From a glam weekend to rem...

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All About 211 Saskatchewan

Looking for a service or program in Saskatchewan and aren’t sure where to start? 211 Saskatchewan is here to help you navigate this sometimes-complex task, free and confidentially, ensuring you find exactly what you need. We had a conversation with Kristin Nelson, Director of 211 Saskatchewan,...

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Have you explored Southern Saskatchewan? Our Summer Adventure Recommendations!

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure this summer, look no further than your backyard! Southern Saskatchewan is home to a host of exciting places to explore with friends and family. From camping in the badlands to a stay in historic Moose Jaw, there is something for everyone to explore. ...

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