Insurance basics

Insurance can be complicated. We’ve broken it down with helpful health insurance advice, so you can shop confidently for insurance that meets your needs.

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Insurance terms & definitions

Check out this handy glossary of insurance terms you might encounter in your search for insurance or as a member.

Why do I need insurance?

You know you want to protect yourself against the unexpected – that’s exactly what health insurance is for.

What kinds of insurance are there?

We offer three types of insurance – health, including personal and workplace benefits, travel, and life insurance.

How much insurance is enough?

It can be hard to figure out how much insurance you should have – find out how to calculate what you need.

How do insurance premiums work?

Your premium rates depend on many different factors – learn what they are so you can make an educated decision when comparing plans.

How do I find a broker?

What would an insurance broker do for me? Do I need one? The answer to these questions and more are here.