Whole Health and Wellness in 2021

Happy New Year! How are you going to continue your wellness journey as we enter a new year? Keep reading for a few of our tips!

It’s no secret that 2020 has not gone as expected… it brought many changes, most likely a few challenges, and hopefully a few successes. Most importantly, it showed how resilient we all can be. As most of us have experienced ups and downs throughout the year, we may have experienced a change in wellness and health practices as well. We had to adapt many of our routines to fit our new normal.

A new year is often time when we think and reflect on the past year and focus in on different areas we perhaps want to make changes. This can come in the form of concrete goals, resolutions, or a list of things to accomplish in the new year, or even more general thoughts and statements.

Saskatchewan Blue Cross is driven by a mission to empower communities on their journey to whole health and wellness. As the world has changed, so has how wellness is viewed. We may not be able to attend a packed gym or fitness class, but we can do our favourite workouts in the comfort of our homes (or outside if the weather permits). Wellness is often a journey without a destination – constantly changing and adapting as a result of our actions.

To empower you on your journey to whole health and wellness, here are a few tips to maintain or work towards wellness in 2021:

Flexible goal setting. As mentioned, with the new year often comes new goals and resolutions. Sometimes this pressure of a goal that’s set in stone actually doesn’t help us reach the goal. Be kind and flexible with yourself if you need to adapt or switch up your goals as the year progresses.

Actually prioritize self-care activities. Have you taken a few moments to reflect on the last time you engaged in self-care? Did you make it a priority this past year? As many of our self-care activities have changed in the past year, now is also a great time to define those activities that best fill our cup. Take a few moments to make a list of your new and past self-care activities and look back on it the next time you need to show your self a little care!

Use your health coverage benefits. This year was tough on a lot of our routines. When available, take advantage of your Health Practitioner benefits. Use those Massage Therapist, Naturopath, and Chiropractor benefits. If you are not comfortable visiting a practitioner, consider a virtual appointment. Especially consider using those benefits you may have not utilized in the past!

Take inventory of your wellness routines. A new year can be a great time for a fresh start. Take a few minutes to reflect on the activities in your wellness routine. Are they still serving you on your journey to whole health? Are there any activities that you need to replace with something else? Maybe in the past you put a strong emphasis on your fitness routine, but are now interested in understanding what nutrition goals best fit your life. Adapt to these new changes and embrace how they can serve you!

Let us help you on your journey to whole health and wellness in 2021. A Personal Health Plan from Saskatchewan Blue Cross offers coverage for Health Practitioners including Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Athletic and Physiotherapists, and Naturopaths.