$10K Raised in Last Mountain Marathon Swim – Random Acts of Wellness

Wellness is not always about healing what’s wrong, it’s about celebrating what’s right.

We are excited to introduce the new Random Acts of Wellness series to Wellness Weekly! Random Acts of Wellness was created to showcase inspiring individuals doing extraordinary things in our own backyard. Saskatchewan is full of impressive talent, and we can’t wait to share these motivating individuals with you.

To kick-start the series, meet the team of talented women who completed a remarkable 80km swim at Last Mountain Lake: Adrien van Dyke, Dionne Tatlow, Kelsey van Dyke, and Meghan Chisholm. The team swam for a total of 27 hours, taking 1-hour shifts until the coveted 80km route was complete.

Not only did they complete an impressive achievement of swimming 80km, but they raised $10,085 for YWCA Regina in the process! Through community engagement and involvement, this ambitious group of women completed their summer project while making a huge difference in their community.

Motivation and Inspiration

What inspired you to complete this daunting task?

For Dionne, her background in swimming and the desire for a summer project led her to this undertaking. With COVID-19 causing the closure of the pool in her area, she looked for an alternative that would allow her to continue swimming through this challenging time. Dionne found herself at Regina Beach where she did her first outdoor swim of the season. From here, she mapped out the area of Last Mountain Lake to see if a group relay swim would be possible (spoiler alert, it was!).

For Adrien, inspiration struck when her sister (another member of the team) came on-board for the project. Working towards an athletic goal while also raising money for a worthy cause was a project Adrien was very interested in joining!

How did you stay motivated training for the event and completing the event?

For both Dionne and Adrien, staying motivated through challenging times was the result of the team environment they built with each other. Adrien describes an atmosphere as one where strength was drawn from one another – “I could rely on my teammates to push me when I needed it, but also give them a push when they needed it.”

Community Engagement

What was the reason for choosing to work with the YWCA Regina?

Dionne describes the action of raising money and donating to the YWCA as just as important as the swim itself – “Community engagement is an amazing way to get others involved with the swim while making a difference in the community.”

The team saw the YWCA as a great fit due to their connection with the YWCA’s mission: Supporting women and their families in the realization of their full potential to the benefit of the entire community. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, many programs and fundraising events were cancelled. The team set out to support this deserving organization in continuing the important work they do and services they provide.

What was your favourite part about completing your goal?

For both Dionne and Adrien it was the community engagement component. Dionne was touched that even after the event, people were still staying engaged with their goal. It was 3 or 4 days after the event that they reached a huge milestone of raising $10,000 for the YWCA. “I was astonished by the amount of money we raised. We ended up doubling our initial goal of $5,000 to raise a total of $10,085. It was amazing to see others get involved to support to YWCA Regina.” Says Adrien.

Personal Wellness

What are your favourite ways to maintain your personal wellness?

When asked about how Dionne and Adrien maintain their own personal wellness, both have similar ideas – staying active. Dionne loves to spend time outdoors and aims to spend as much time outside as possible. She loves to take on athletic challenges and carries this theme of determination with her in other aspects of her life. Adrien, who has a background in organized team sports, describes how she maintains her personal wellness by staying active and involved with her athletic pursuits. For her, having community is important to stay motivated and encouraged to be the best version of herself.

Any advice for someone wanting to take on a big goal or wellness journey?

Dionne says that she is a big fan of preparing and creating a plan before taking on new goals “Any goal can feel large and overwhelming at the start, but it’s a good idea to take the time to break out your large goal into manageable sized goals.”

Adrien describes the importance of a support system and finding those people who can be there for you and help motivate you when you need it. Adrien shared that “it was very important to have my teammates and other crew members as my support system during the swim.”

What are some of the ways you take care of yourself?

For Dionne, self-care means staying active through swimming, skiing and spending time with her dog (just to name a few). For her, swimming also comes with a social aspect. She likes to have fun with her teammates and various organizations in Regina – including being a part of the Master’s Team.

For Adrien, self-care also comes down to participating in those activities that make her happy and feel relaxed. She specifically mentioned swimming, as well as unwinding with friends and family playing board games and cards.

To learn more about the swim, check out the CBC article written here and the Last Mountain Marathon Facebook event here.

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