Case Studies

Our case studies are based on information from real claims paid by Saskatchewan Blue Cross. Names and details have been modified to protect client privacy.

Medical Emergency Premium Claim
1 Guardian premium includes dependents at no additional cost.
Tyler (age 23) fell hard on his back while on a 4-day snowboarding trip to Whistler BC with his girlfriend. He was taken to hospital by ambulance and given a series of x-ray tests on his neck, head and back. No serious injuries were found and Tyler was released from the hospital. $20.00 $1,400
On a 2-week all inclusive trip to Cuba for a friend's wedding, Leanne (age 32) tripped on the sidewalk and fell. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and required surgery for a fractured ankle. $27.30 $9,500
Jeff (age 29) was visiting relatives in Arizona for 2 weeks over the holidays when he experienced sharp stomach pains. He was taken to the ER by a family member, and required surgery to remove a portion of his small bowel. Jeff returned to Saskatchewan via commercial flight for further post-surgery care. His claim included $10,000 for his return flight with a nurse escort. $27.30 $121,000
Chris (age 37) began to experience a cough and sore throat a few days into a 10-day Caribbean cruise with his family. He visited the ship's doctor was given a prescription for antibiotics, and enjoyed the rest of his vacation. $20.00 $330
Haley (age 6) went to Hawaii for a 2 week vacation with her family. Following a day at the beach, Haley experienced severe ear pain. Haley's mom took her to an urgent care clinic where she was diagnosed with swimmers ear and prescribed antibiotics. $27.301 $620
While vacationing in Texas for 10 days with her husband, Beverly (age 82) began experiencing numbness in her face and difficulty with her speech. She was rushed to the nearest hospital by ambulance, diagnosed with a stroke and treated to stabilize her condition. Once she was medically stable to fly, Beverly was escorted by a nurse for her transfer to a Saskatchewan hospital via commercial flight. $139.50 $102,500