Blue Shield in Canada

For 70 years Saskatchewan Blue Cross has been a trusted partner in the health of Saskatchewan residents.  Part of that trust has been based on the understanding that Blue Cross is an international brand focused on supporting the health of people everywhere it operates.

On January 11, 2016 we add to our brand a mark that is recognized around the world – Blue Shield.  Saskatchewan Blue Cross is joining other Canadian Blue Cross plans in consistently making this change.

Watch this video to learn about a positive change to our brand.  

Why is Saskatchewan Blue Cross making this change?

Joining the Blue Cross and Blue Shield symbols on a consistent basis allows us to support and protect our brand both nationally and internationally, while delivering the coverage that millions of Canadians know and trust - and the value and expertise that plan sponsors need. We remain committed to the Canadian health care system and the principles of universal not-for-profit health care.

Who owns Saskatchewan Blue Cross and/or Blue Cross in Canada?

Saskatchewan Blue Cross is a member of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans (CABCP), an umbrella organization that represents seven Blue Cross member plans operating in different regions across the country. All Blue Cross member plans in Canada operate independently on a not-for-profit basis, each with its own Board of Directors, offering coverage to eligible residents in that province or region. Offerings include group benefits plans including life and disability, individual health and dental plans, and travel health insurance. The CABCP maintains and monitors standards of performance ensuring the highest quality of service.

Had Blue Cross in Canada been connected to Blue Shield in the past?

As indicated on our website and the Blue Cross Canada website for many years, we have been linked to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association in the United States and worldwide through the International Federation of Health Funds. These relationships provide access to an international network that facilitates sharing of knowledge, insights and innovation.

What does this change mean for our clients?

Who we are and what we do isn’t changing. Your Saskatchewan Blue Cross coverage and benefits remain exactly the same, even when travelling in the US.

Will your coverage still be with Saskatchewan Blue Cross?

Absolutely. There will be no changes to your coverage or benefits, and you’ll remain a valued client of Saskatchewan Blue Cross.

Will you receive a new ID card as a result of this change?

We won’t be issuing new ID cards to all clients immediately. Going forward, all new and replacement ID cards will include the Blue Cross and Blue Shield marks.